Dec 23 2013

The Violence Triangle – Part Three

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As I have said earlier, skill is often the element that guys think is all they need to work on to get girls, when actually it is only one part of the picture. That said, it must not be forgotten. The guy who does not learn how to be attractive, and merely works on finding and trying to exploit opportunity (because he has the will to do so), will find that he pulls girls who are not of a good standard. They will not be the women that he really wants, and he will have to then rationalise this to himself. Guys who rigidly only ever use very direct game without learning to fine tune their approach tend to fall into this category. They tend to treat game like it is purely a matter of presenting a woman with a logical decision to make, and neglect the fact that attraction is emotional. This can be very damaging to your results as it puts a ceiling on what you will achieve. It is to counter the danger of men not grasping the importance and place of skill in game that I teach the OODA loop to my bootcamp students. The OODA loop is a tool that shows where skill comes into game, and helps you see the value of learning more and more how to influence someone else’s decision making process.


Without all three elements in place (skill, will, opportunity), it is impossible to achieve anything. If there is anything that you want to achieve but have not yet been able to, you will be able to attribute your current lack of success to a deficiency in one of these three factors. However, as long as you have enough will there is always the possibility, no matter how remote, that you will be able to accumulate the other two ingredients necessary for success.

Do not take a lack of skill as an excuse for not taking action. Take action first, and as long as you keep working at it and practicing, skill will follow in time.

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