Sep 25 2013

Getting the girl is problem solving

Category: Principles of AttractionRichard Crosby @ 1:49 am

taylorPulling girls is problem solving. If you want to really think about this, it is problem solving all the way through. If you want to meet a special girl, you first have to solve the problem of where to go or what to do in order to give yourself the opportunity to meet women. When you find somewhere suitable, and then identify a woman you wish to attract, you then need to solve the problem of how to do that. Once you have attracted her, should you decide you are still keen, you are then left with the problem of how to seduce her. You may encounter dozens of hurdles – or problems – along the way to achieving your goal.

The fact that there is so much problem solving involved could sound……problematic. Some guys will not like to read this, as they are looking for the easy answer or the magic pill which will do all the work for them. I do not believe in lying to guys to sell them what they want to hear. I will tell the truth, and sell what really works.

Do not worry about all this problem solving. The fact is I am almost certain you are already a problem solver. If you are an engineer, you are in the business of solving engineering problems. If you are a police officer you are in the business of solving the problem of crime. If you work in a fast food restaurant you are in the business of solving the problem of making food to feed hungry people. Whatever you do, on some level you are solving problems. Now it is true, that some professions involve more complex problem solving than others. In some cases the solutions are given to you when you are trained about how to solve the problems you will encounter. In others, you will have to solve the problems with far less help or direction given to you.

I am here to help put you on the right track with solving the problem of how to get the girl you desire. Of course, everybody is different. You will all have your own goals, which will not be the same as those of every other guy. Each situation you encounter will be in some way unique. For those reasons you will not find a list of techniques here that guarantee success if you follow them all through in a pre-determined order. What I will give you, is principles that will help guide you so that you develop your problem solving ability much more quickly, and ideas which you can use to take you towards your goals. I am a problem solver too. I specialise in dealing with the problem of helping you defeat your problems.

The fastest and most powerful way for me to achieve this is for me to take you on a bootcamp where I can meet you in person. This will allow me to tailor my instruction to your own needs and goals. It will give you the opportunity to give me feedback as we go so that I can constantly tune in my instruction so it becomes as effective for you as possible in the shortest space of time. If you are interested in a bootcamp, keep checking this site for details.

Please enjoy the site, and I hope you find the content useful and informative.

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