Sep 25 2013

Be the agent in your environment

Category: Principles of AttractionRichard Crosby @ 6:01 am

jbondI decided to write a post about the principle which I believe to be at the core of good game.

Be the agent in your environment.

To understand this, first realise this: In every environment there are assets and there are liabilities. Sometimes, these can be the same “things”, and which category they fall into depends on your use of them.

What it means to be the agent in your environment: The agent is the guy who actively collates, cultivates and synchronises assets in order to move towards his own objectives.

A qualification: The objectives may well be for the benefit of another, but this must be of the agents own choosing, otherwise he is not the agent, he is a pawn.

This phrase contains action. Without action, you will not achieve in game (or life). You have to make things happen. Sometimes in game this will be direct, sometimes not, but it always involves deliberate action.

For those who have come into contact with my model you will be able to identify that the phrase contains:
Skill – In collation, cultivation and synchronisation of assets.
Will – In order to act (be the agent), to execute skill, and to choose objectives for deliberate activity.
Opportunity – The assets have to be there, without which there is no immediate opportunity. Ultimate opportunity can however be crafted from earlier “stepping stone”, opportunities.

As humans we have the ability to move around and therefore choose our environment to a large extent. So in reality “the environment”, is anywhere of our own choosing that we can realistically put ourselves. Much of the skill is in locating an environment containing the ingredients we need – You do not plant an oak tree in concrete.

I believe that this phrase “to be the agent in your environment” is as near to being the key of happiness and success as I can identify in just one phrase. However, it is not “the key”. The first environment you must be the agent in is the environment of your mind. If you are beset by worries and fears, and cannot handle them in your head, you are not the agent in your most important environment. Success in the outside world is no success if you cannot enjoy it. You can have material power which means nothing if you do not have dominion in your own mind, you can be weak externally – provided you have dominion in your mind, you can handle it and be happy, and possess the platform from which to spring.

Let’s think about this principle applied to game. The guy sitting in the corner, frozen by “approach anxiety”, is not the agent in the environment of his mind. The guy who feels the anxiety, handles it, and so acts in spite of it, is the agent in his own mind, and flowing from there becomes the agent in his environment.

This phrase also however points out that there are degrees of skill in this. The man who approaches 1000 women saying to each “Wanna fuck”? And getting blown out 1000 times is taking action towards his own objectives, but he is not collating, cultivating, and synchronising assets skilfully. The more skilful he becomes in this the more success he will achieve – because the guy who learns to be a skilled agent in his environment is demonstrating value. In fact DHVing is demonstrating the degree to which you are the agent in your environment, or to which you can be an asset in the environment of another self.

richardbwithchicksThe greatest tool you can ever develop in order to become the greatest agent in your environment is flexibility of thought. Game is essentially problem solving. You are trying to solve the problem of how to get the girl. Flexibility of thought is tremendously valuable if you seek to solve any problem. Rigid adherence to any one “method”, particularly where this devotion causes the rejection of anything outside of it, is one of the greatest stumbling blocks to the development of truly great game. Problem solving, applied to how to collate, cultivate, and synchronise assets in order to get the girl, is what will get you the girl.

My biggest criticism of most people’s game is not that it is “wrong”, it is that it is not “always right”…..and yet they do not see it because they are too rigid in their approach. This is not to say that my game is “always right”, but that I try to move towards that goal by attempting to develop a more flexible mind, which would only be constrained by becoming a disciple of “one”, school of thought. I would suggest anyone would benefit from striving to develop flexibility of thought.

There is a principle that thoughts (ideas) tend to come in chains. This is the nature of perception. If we learn to examine our perception we can identify where one “thought”, is actually a chain made of several different “building blocks”. We can deconstruct the chain and use only the links that serve us in a given situation. Think of game as a tool box. Some people might become rigid in one “school”, of game that favours the hammer. Now a hammer is a bloody useful tool. But you don’t use it to saw wood. You want to become the skilled craftsman who knows how to pick the right tool for the job. Not the salesman trying to convince that the hammer is the most valuable tool someone can buy.

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