Oct 15 2013

BOOTCAMP?………….Melbourne, Adelaide, London

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mieandmeNow, you may be considering taking a bootcamp. If so, read this first. Then check out the bootcamps page, for details of our upcoming Melbourne Bootcamp if you are in Australia, or our London Bootcamp if you are in Europe.

When guys take a bootcamp, they usually want to learn how to attract women. However, we always ask them before the bootcamp to tell us specifically what they want to achieve. The answer we want to hear is what actual results they want. What they often begin to tell us, is the list of skills they want to learn, and they list the skills that they think will help them to get the girl. When this happens, we have to stop them, and tell them we want to hear what they want to achieve, but do not want to hear how they expect to get there.

Doctors get frustrated when a patient shows up and tells them:

1. What is wrong with them.

2. What cure (prescription) they want.

The doctor is expert at first diagnosing and then treating medical issues. However, often the layman makes the mistake of seeing one symptom, and assuming they know what their problem is. The doctor will know to dig deeper, as one symptom could be caused by many different illnesses. If you jump to conclusions about which illness is at the root of it, the prescription will be wrong. It is for this reason that expert help is useful. When you know a topic inside out you can more accurately identify the problem, and therefore come to a more useful conclusion about the best solution to the problem.

All we need to know is what you want to achieve. We will be able to tell you the best route for you to take. Leave that bit to us.

Recently I had a guy take a bootcamp, and he told me that he needed to know how to build rapport with a girl. I explained to him that he was wrong. He already knew exactly how to do it, because he could do it consistently with men, in a way that would work just fine with women. What he had to get over was his reluctance to initiate a conversation with women, because once he was there, he would do well. Part of the solution for him to get rid of the anxiety that caused his reluctance was to stop telling himself that he needed to learn how to build rapport. He was attaching fear and anxiety to this story he was telling himself, even though the story was fictional! On the bootcamp this guy took several phone numbers, and kissed a girl that he very nearly took home there and then. Just as I had told him, he had no problem at all building rapport.

One of the things we will do on a bootcamp is tell you that you are wrong. We will do it repeatedly, until you stop doing the things that are preventing you from succeeding. Very often it is false ideas or negative stories that hold you back. When you identify them and clear them from your head, you will start to get what you want. However, this is only half the story.

The other half, is that your beliefs do not really matter as much as what you do. You can have doubts and fears, but if you act in spite of them, to follow a productive course of action, you will often get what you want anyway. Sometimes conditioning someone to do the right thing in the heat of the moment is far more productive, and faster, than challenging deep seated beliefs. The funny thing is, when they see results that their beliefs cannot explain, the beliefs that hold them back go away all by themselves.

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