Sep 24 2013


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Redzone Attraction is a company that specialises in dating coaching for men and women. We use unorthadox methods that are novel within the field we are in. Some guys would call us a PUA training provider. It is true that we run PUA Bootcamps, and PUA seminars. We teach you how to attract those you desire into your life.

What is the “REDZONE”?

Redzone refers to a psychological state. You are in the redzone when you have a goal to achieve, but are outside of your comfort zone and under pressure. It is a term a military psychologist might use when he is talking about the psychological state of a soldier in combat. It might feel uncomfortable, but it is a good place to be if you want to achieve your objectives in circumstances you find difficult. The Redzone is a place of high stress performance.

But why “REDZONE”?

Most men who struggle to get the girl experience some nervousness about women. Maybe they are anxious about approaching attractive women. Perhaps they get tongue tied once they are in a conversation with a girl they like. Possibly they do not know how to tell her they like her, and the idea of doing it just scares them. These reactions are all just fine. The first thing to realise is that you are just human. I have more good news for you……..

So what is the good news?

taylor2You do not need to cure your fear before you can learn to get the girl. When young men join the military, they are trained to operate highly effectively in hostile environments that will terrify them when they are there for the first time. Their training does not eradicate their fear, but it prepares them to act appropriately in spite of it. If you think a young soldier is not going to be afraid the first time he is shot at, think again. This lesson teaches us that we do not need to remove our fear before we can learn how to succeed with women. It is far more effective and powerful to learn to take the right actions in spite of our nerves. This way results come much faster. Competence precedes confidence. This means that once you experience results, your nerves will eventually diminish somewhat, although they may never be eradicated. As long as you can get what you want in spite of them it does not matter. If you wait for confidence before you take action, you will not succeed.

How does this fit in with “REDZONE ATTRACTION”?


I am a former soldier who has served in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I know how soldiers are trained. Thanks to my interest in psychology I understand the underlying principles in a way most military instructors do not. They are transferable to other areas of life that require the ability to overcome fear in any form. When I teach I use military psychology to instil effective behaviours in my students in a compressed period of time (days), which would take traditional training methods literally years. There are parallels between how our brains work in combat, and how they work when experiencing attraction. By applying this knowledge I have helped many men achieve remarkable transformations.

What can REDZONE ATTRACTION do for me?

Everybody is unique and will have their own problems and needs. However, we are all equipped with very similar hardware (our brains) which is a tool to help us achieve our objectives. The great thing is that using my knowledge of how our brains operate when we are under the effect of adrenaline I can help you learn how to attract women at an accelerated rate. I can give you information, which can be of great use. You will find that here. The best and most powerful way to learn is to take a bootcamp, because only then can I really make optimum use of your brains ability to learn under pressure. Do not worry, if you have a strange idea that you will be subjected to yelling or abuse because that is what you associate with the military, you have misunderstood me. They are almost traditions in the Army, and absolutely not necessary in order to learn using military psychology to enhance the process.

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