Jul 29 2016

My Wing Bradicus

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This is my main man and Australian wing Bradicus. In his early days I wrote my SILLY/SALLY model to help him overcome his early sticking points. He has come a long way since then and is now an absolute machine, and is one of a very small number of guys who have genuine mastery of Daygame and Nightgame. I suggest you start following him on Youtube as he has a lot of amazing content to share. He is in talks with Alex (formerly of RSD) to become a 4 Week Natural coach.

Brad has invested a lot of time and money in building himself to hero level game. He has travelled to Las Vegas to Todds immersion program, has visited me to go on the pull with me in London and Manchester, and has trained extensively with Alex too.

If you want to book a course with Brad now is an excellent time to book it – Once he becomes a 4 Week Natural Coach his prices will rise significantly. It will be an excellent investment for you. If you book a course in the UK Brad will fly over to train you, and I may even put in a guest appearance myself at no extra cost (I am currently not running courses). I myself have been featured on Australian National Television when the Australian Broadcasting Corporation followed one of my Bootcamps over two episodes of a reality TV show about dating in the modern world.

If you want more information on a bootcamp with Brad please email me on richardcrosby@hotmail.co.uk and I will be more than happy to talk to you about it.

I am also looking to work with one individual in Manchester, UK for free. This will not be a bootcamp, but a much looser arrangement where I meet up with you occassionally to help you as you work on your ability to meet and attract a woman you are interested in. I am only interested in working with someone who is genuinely struggling and is feeling very frustrated that they struggle to get any interest from women and are serious about doing something about it. If you are interested in this offer please email me at richardcrosby@hotmail.co.uk

Dec 22 2014

PUA Bootcamps – Military Psychology

Category: PickupRichard Crosby @ 3:55 am

My material is original. Not just re-hashed Mystery Method, or RSD content parroted. Check this video out for a brief taster. Go to my Bootcamps page if you want more information.

Dec 19 2014


Category: PickupRichard Crosby @ 11:11 am

Ever thought of taking a bootcamp to learn how to approach and attract women? It is a big step to take if you do not know what you are letting yourself in for. Here is the first of two brief tasters of what a bootcamp with me is like. If you are interested in signing up, take a look at the bootcamps page for further details.

Oct 15 2013

BOOTCAMP?………….Melbourne, Adelaide, London

Category: TrainingRichard Crosby @ 11:13 am

mieandmeNow, you may be considering taking a bootcamp. If so, read this first. Then check out the bootcamps page, for details of our upcoming Melbourne Bootcamp if you are in Australia, or our London Bootcamp if you are in Europe.

When guys take a bootcamp, they usually want to learn how to attract women. However, we always ask them before the bootcamp to tell us specifically what they want to achieve. The answer we want to hear is what actual results they want. What they often begin to tell us, is the list of skills they want to learn, and they list the skills that they think will help them to get the girl. When this happens, we have to stop them, and tell them we want to hear what they want to achieve, but do not want to hear how they expect to get there.

Doctors get frustrated when a patient shows up and tells them:

1. What is wrong with them.

2. What cure (prescription) they want.

The doctor is expert at first diagnosing and then treating medical issues. However, often the layman makes the mistake of seeing one symptom, and assuming they know what their problem is. The doctor will know to dig deeper, as one symptom could be caused by many different illnesses. If you jump to conclusions about which illness is at the root of it, the prescription will be wrong. It is for this reason that expert help is useful. When you know a topic inside out you can more accurately identify the problem, and therefore come to a more useful conclusion about the best solution to the problem.

All we need to know is what you want to achieve. We will be able to tell you the best route for you to take. Leave that bit to us.

Recently I had a guy take a bootcamp, and he told me that he needed to know how to build rapport with a girl. I explained to him that he was wrong. He already knew exactly how to do it, because he could do it consistently with men, in a way that would work just fine with women. What he had to get over was his reluctance to initiate a conversation with women, because once he was there, he would do well. Part of the solution for him to get rid of the anxiety that caused his reluctance was to stop telling himself that he needed to learn how to build rapport. He was attaching fear and anxiety to this story he was telling himself, even though the story was fictional! On the bootcamp this guy took several phone numbers, and kissed a girl that he very nearly took home there and then. Just as I had told him, he had no problem at all building rapport.

One of the things we will do on a bootcamp is tell you that you are wrong. We will do it repeatedly, until you stop doing the things that are preventing you from succeeding. Very often it is false ideas or negative stories that hold you back. When you identify them and clear them from your head, you will start to get what you want. However, this is only half the story.

The other half, is that your beliefs do not really matter as much as what you do. You can have doubts and fears, but if you act in spite of them, to follow a productive course of action, you will often get what you want anyway. Sometimes conditioning someone to do the right thing in the heat of the moment is far more productive, and faster, than challenging deep seated beliefs. The funny thing is, when they see results that their beliefs cannot explain, the beliefs that hold them back go away all by themselves.

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Oct 01 2013

Audacity, capacity and tenacity. (ACT).

Category: Principles of AttractionRichard Crosby @ 8:37 pm

female-rock-climberToday I went climbing with some rather wonderful people I haven’t known very long. I met them as a direct result of the fact I have made myself into a friendly and sociable person, despite the fact I was once shy. The same skills that help you get girls, or attract the woman you want, will bring you friends too.

On bootcamps I use a tool which I call the “Violence Triangle”, to explain how to succeed at anything, and specifically how to get the girl. It is just a tool to aid understanding, which some people find useful. Its strange name comes from the fact it is something I use when I teach self-defence. The violence triangle is a lot like the fire triangle you may have been taught during fire safety lessons. Just as a fire needs oxygen, heat and fuel in order to exist, someone who chooses to be violent must have the ingredients of skill, will, and opportunity. The truth is, we need those ingredients in order to succeed at anything we attempt, and that includes getting the girl. A man could be attractive and socially skilled, but if he never mixes with women, he can never meet a special girl because he lacks opportunity. A man could mix often with women, and initiate frequent conversations, but without sufficient social skill he will never attract the woman he wants. An attractive man could often frequent places where there are plenty of women, but without the will to interact, he will fail. This is a subject which can yield a lot of fruit when you examine it with a view to developing a deeper understanding so that you can gain insight that will help you move towards your objectives. It does not matter what they are, or if you consider yourself a PUA, or even if you are not interested in studying attraction. Today, I had an insight, which helped me see this from a different and potentially useful perspective.

I was pretty rubbish at climbing walls today. It is irrelevant. I noticed that there were times when I could not continue to move up, without making a sudden grab for a higher grip point. At these times, I could not reach slowly and deliberately – I had to give up a hold which was securing me to the wall in order to attempt to take a new hold. At these times, if I failed to take the new hold swiftly, I would fall off the wall. It was tempting to not attempt to take these new holds, but I quickly realised that if I did that I would be stuck where I was. I had to take a leap of faith and go for it. Of course, there was a risk I might fail, but without taking that risk, all I would have was a guarantee I would not succeed.

When I am teaching guys how to get the girl on bootcamps, I already talk about this phenomenon. To describe it, I use the term “kill shot“. I use that term, because it is like a sniper taking a shot at his target. He trains hard to improve his capacity (skill) to take a great shot when it counts. It might seem strange but this rigorous preparation will see him miss many times in training as he hones his ability. He works tenaciously to put himself in a great position on the battlefield to give him the best opportunity to make a telling shot. So too the expert climber will train tenaciously to improve his capacity to climb. Once the preparation is done, there will sometimes come a moment where you have to risk failure in order to have a shot at success. The sniper has no guarantee he will hit his target, but there comes a point when he has to pull the trigger if he wants to make the kill. The climber cannot be sure he will not lose his grip when he gives it up for the sake of progress.

Truvelo_Sniper_rifle_20x110_Hispano_South_Africa_001I noticed today that at these times when you just have to lunge for the next grip, that sometimes when you do it, it really doesn’t feel possible. Therefore it is natural to feel afraid because you think you will fail. This can be just the same for a guy approaching a girl he likes. You can be sure of one thing; failing to act will leave you with failure. This seems such a hard choice when the step you must take seems impossible itself. It occurred to me, that sometimes what you really need is a healthy dose of audacity. The will to take the shot that looks like it can’t work.  The thing is, when you take this shot, often it won’t work. However, by consistently trying, and not giving up, you build capacity. As you build capacity, you start to find that your audacity pays off more and more.

It does not really matter if you fall off a wall in a well-run climbing centre. Your bee layer will stop you from falling. It does not matter how many times you fall, as long as you don’t quit you can simply have another go. Over and over again, until one day, you don’t fall. It is the same thing with talking to girls. It does not really matter if it does not go how you planned the first time. You can try again. There is one thing that is important though. If you want to learn better social skills, you must not forget the importance of audacity. Without it, you might just always be stuck right where you are.


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Sep 25 2013

Be the agent in your environment

Category: Principles of AttractionRichard Crosby @ 6:01 am

jbondI decided to write a post about the principle which I believe to be at the core of good game.

Be the agent in your environment.

To understand this, first realise this: In every environment there are assets and there are liabilities. Sometimes, these can be the same “things”, and which category they fall into depends on your use of them.

What it means to be the agent in your environment: The agent is the guy who actively collates, cultivates and synchronises assets in order to move towards his own objectives.

A qualification: The objectives may well be for the benefit of another, but this must be of the agents own choosing, otherwise he is not the agent, he is a pawn.

This phrase contains action. Without action, you will not achieve in game (or life). You have to make things happen. Sometimes in game this will be direct, sometimes not, but it always involves deliberate action.

For those who have come into contact with my model you will be able to identify that the phrase contains:
Skill – In collation, cultivation and synchronisation of assets.
Will – In order to act (be the agent), to execute skill, and to choose objectives for deliberate activity.
Opportunity – The assets have to be there, without which there is no immediate opportunity. Ultimate opportunity can however be crafted from earlier “stepping stone”, opportunities.

As humans we have the ability to move around and therefore choose our environment to a large extent. So in reality “the environment”, is anywhere of our own choosing that we can realistically put ourselves. Much of the skill is in locating an environment containing the ingredients we need – You do not plant an oak tree in concrete.

I believe that this phrase “to be the agent in your environment” is as near to being the key of happiness and success as I can identify in just one phrase. However, it is not “the key”. The first environment you must be the agent in is the environment of your mind. If you are beset by worries and fears, and cannot handle them in your head, you are not the agent in your most important environment. Success in the outside world is no success if you cannot enjoy it. You can have material power which means nothing if you do not have dominion in your own mind, you can be weak externally – provided you have dominion in your mind, you can handle it and be happy, and possess the platform from which to spring.

Let’s think about this principle applied to game. The guy sitting in the corner, frozen by “approach anxiety”, is not the agent in the environment of his mind. The guy who feels the anxiety, handles it, and so acts in spite of it, is the agent in his own mind, and flowing from there becomes the agent in his environment.

This phrase also however points out that there are degrees of skill in this. The man who approaches 1000 women saying to each “Wanna fuck”? And getting blown out 1000 times is taking action towards his own objectives, but he is not collating, cultivating, and synchronising assets skilfully. The more skilful he becomes in this the more success he will achieve – because the guy who learns to be a skilled agent in his environment is demonstrating value. In fact DHVing is demonstrating the degree to which you are the agent in your environment, or to which you can be an asset in the environment of another self.

richardbwithchicksThe greatest tool you can ever develop in order to become the greatest agent in your environment is flexibility of thought. Game is essentially problem solving. You are trying to solve the problem of how to get the girl. Flexibility of thought is tremendously valuable if you seek to solve any problem. Rigid adherence to any one “method”, particularly where this devotion causes the rejection of anything outside of it, is one of the greatest stumbling blocks to the development of truly great game. Problem solving, applied to how to collate, cultivate, and synchronise assets in order to get the girl, is what will get you the girl.

My biggest criticism of most people’s game is not that it is “wrong”, it is that it is not “always right”…..and yet they do not see it because they are too rigid in their approach. This is not to say that my game is “always right”, but that I try to move towards that goal by attempting to develop a more flexible mind, which would only be constrained by becoming a disciple of “one”, school of thought. I would suggest anyone would benefit from striving to develop flexibility of thought.

There is a principle that thoughts (ideas) tend to come in chains. This is the nature of perception. If we learn to examine our perception we can identify where one “thought”, is actually a chain made of several different “building blocks”. We can deconstruct the chain and use only the links that serve us in a given situation. Think of game as a tool box. Some people might become rigid in one “school”, of game that favours the hammer. Now a hammer is a bloody useful tool. But you don’t use it to saw wood. You want to become the skilled craftsman who knows how to pick the right tool for the job. Not the salesman trying to convince that the hammer is the most valuable tool someone can buy.

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Sep 25 2013

Getting the girl is problem solving

Category: Principles of AttractionRichard Crosby @ 1:49 am

taylorPulling girls is problem solving. If you want to really think about this, it is problem solving all the way through. If you want to meet a special girl, you first have to solve the problem of where to go or what to do in order to give yourself the opportunity to meet women. When you find somewhere suitable, and then identify a woman you wish to attract, you then need to solve the problem of how to do that. Once you have attracted her, should you decide you are still keen, you are then left with the problem of how to seduce her. You may encounter dozens of hurdles – or problems – along the way to achieving your goal.

The fact that there is so much problem solving involved could sound……problematic. Some guys will not like to read this, as they are looking for the easy answer or the magic pill which will do all the work for them. I do not believe in lying to guys to sell them what they want to hear. I will tell the truth, and sell what really works.

Do not worry about all this problem solving. The fact is I am almost certain you are already a problem solver. If you are an engineer, you are in the business of solving engineering problems. If you are a police officer you are in the business of solving the problem of crime. If you work in a fast food restaurant you are in the business of solving the problem of making food to feed hungry people. Whatever you do, on some level you are solving problems. Now it is true, that some professions involve more complex problem solving than others. In some cases the solutions are given to you when you are trained about how to solve the problems you will encounter. In others, you will have to solve the problems with far less help or direction given to you.

I am here to help put you on the right track with solving the problem of how to get the girl you desire. Of course, everybody is different. You will all have your own goals, which will not be the same as those of every other guy. Each situation you encounter will be in some way unique. For those reasons you will not find a list of techniques here that guarantee success if you follow them all through in a pre-determined order. What I will give you, is principles that will help guide you so that you develop your problem solving ability much more quickly, and ideas which you can use to take you towards your goals. I am a problem solver too. I specialise in dealing with the problem of helping you defeat your problems.

The fastest and most powerful way for me to achieve this is for me to take you on a bootcamp where I can meet you in person. This will allow me to tailor my instruction to your own needs and goals. It will give you the opportunity to give me feedback as we go so that I can constantly tune in my instruction so it becomes as effective for you as possible in the shortest space of time. If you are interested in a bootcamp, keep checking this site for details.

Please enjoy the site, and I hope you find the content useful and informative.

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